Whats New…well maybe.

We are still debating what to offer this week and as of this posting we are still undecided, sorry folks.
The items are:
1. Dry Green Curry Wings with green curry paste, cilantro and coconut milk, dry toasted disiccated coconut (used to make beef rendang) and it’s not coated.
2. Salt and Pepper Wings with Chili Jam of Palm Sugar, Limes and Fish Sauce and don’t forget the chilies.
3. Donduri or Wings on Top of Rice.
So stay tuned.

We have had additional special electrical plugs installed for our new machine. The continuing demand for our food has  gone unabated, especially on the weekends and football season.  What we have is not adequate. When we started we wanted everything to be movable and unattached so that when we needed to make room to expand we could without any other construction or knockdown…we had the plans to the “Borg Hive” where everything was modular, swedish and where The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Ikea!

Thank you jean-luc

We kid you not, if you every watched the original version before Hollywood gots its grubby hands on it. Almost every background scene had Ikea props! And you thought the Borg was fictional…HA! Oh by the way, we had maxed out on space and electrical juice for the store. We are dreading what we need to do next but hopefully this will last for a while and we may have to close for a day when we do install the new machinery.

The problem we are confronting is trying to maintain the level of quality in what we serve. When there are too many orders hitting us all at the same time it’s tough. That is why sometimes we will shut down the order-taking to concentrate on cooking the present orders. Yes, there have been instances when we will not take anymore orders much to the chagrin of some. But this is what has to happen and we make no excuses. We refuse to make sub-par food and we are NOT A UTILITY WING JOINT!  So call ahead if you can and give us some leeway and we promise you that we will not disappoint.

Also, we like to thank all of you for allowing us to develop. As most of you realize we aren’t the same  as when we first started a year ago. You allowed us to hone and develop what we had in our “mind’s eye” and the most important thing is that you gave us the time. Again, THANKS. So enough of the touchy-feely stuff to what matters…LET’S EAT!

Still ARROGANT and stupid

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