What’s NEW!

We have revised the menu again taking off some items and added others in their place.
This week’s new items:

1. Sambal Hot Fried Wings. We will be making our own sambal or chili paste and it  comprises of garlic, ginger, shallots, lemongrass, red chilies, belachan (shrimp paste), dried shrimp, lime and peanuts. Those with allergies for shrimp and peanuts should avoid these wings! They will be fried then grilled. It comes with a dipping sauce of fish sauce, red chilies and lime. This wing will be replacing the Fiery Hot Wings.

2. Shichimi Fried Chicken will be replacing our Fried Chicken. It will have a coating of lemongrass, fresh garlic, ginger and shallots (we are keeping it fresh and there is no powder used), shichimi is then folded into the batter and the chicken is dipped and then fried. The chicken is accompanied with our hainanese chili dip.

3. We are bring back our Panko Fried Fish(Cod) and Chips.
4. Our sandwich offerings will now have a Fried Panko Fish Sandwich.
That’s it!

Our new machine is coming in on Thursday, so we may close down for an hour or so to install it. This will allow us to keep up with the demand and we hope that the wait time will be greatly reduced too.

Dude, for the RayBans!

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