What’s NEW and CHANGES!

Another week has passed. We have acclimated ourselves to the additional machine but we find ourselves bumping into each other as we process the orders. This place was designed for just one person to cook and as we continue to grow we have to think of stations.

What’s new this week?

We have reworked the Szechwan wings making them not as spicy of before. But if you want the heat we will put on an extra dollop of chili/garlic mix.

We have also been playing a lot with turmeric resulting in our turmeric wings. It gets everything yellow if you are not careful. Since we use it in our fiery hot wings, we wondered what if we combine it cilantro, sugar, fish sauce, garlic, coriander (from the ginger family) and turmeric. All this will be topped off with our house peanut sauce and sprinkled with pine nuts. The wings will be fried for a brief time and then grilled.

We will try to have these ready by Wednesday but no promises.


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