Adobo Wings…

This will be another incarnation of this wing but there is a proviso-we will only make a limited number a day as we  will be using a technique that is not A la Minute.  So if you want to order a large quantity you need to order 24hrs ahead of time. To be honest, we have never been happy with what we have done , so hopefully this will be it.

Living in the Philippines off and on for years, we love it’s cuisine, especially the adobo. Philippine adobo is a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and garlic and it’s the unofficial national dish. Adobo means marinade/sauce in Filipino and we have eaten our share in many provinces from Manila to Zamboanga.

There are as many concoctions of adobe as there are cooks  and we will be adding coconut to cut down on the sharpness of the the wings, topping of with a fried garlic and shallot mix.

We will be posting pictures of the wings later…everybody loves pictures!

Also click the link below to get a laugh…we worked hard on this poster so humor us…

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