Curry Wings with Baba Ghanoush…

The new wing this week will be an indian curry and not the usual thai/southeast asian/coconut flavored ones we usually fall back on.

The curry blends well with baba ghanoush as a side dip. The wings will be coated as it is our take on the absence of pita bread…ha!

What the hell is Baba Ghanoush?

It’s Middle Eastern and it is grilled roasted eggplant. The eggplant is grilled to the point of charring the skin inĀ  order to obtain the smoky flavor. Tahini (sesame paste) is added along with lemon, garlic, black pepper, parsley and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Some purist don’t even add tahini but is it Baba without tahini? We will leave it for another blog.

And why the HELL ARE YOU MIXING IT WITH INDIAN CURRY! Hey, what ever. It is what it is and to be honest, it works!

So in order to eat them you pick up the wing and dip it in the baba.

The menu format has changed in order to make it easier to order.

Last week’s Giants caused us to sell out and we thank you. Hopefully we can get back to normality as we don’t like rushing things. These wings take time to develop as we cook.

So if we have time we will post some pictures on our blog of the wings…hope springs eternal.

Let’s EAT!



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