A new wing…

The new wing for this week will be a Triple Fried Old Bay/Fenugreek Wing with Caramel-Sriracha sauce.
We were debating whether to just continue with the Caramel Wings of last week but sorry, we just have to move on.

Taking a line from…
Bruce Dickinson: “Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell!” FOR  US IT’S THE WING!

Now, what is this wing comprised of?
We will be battering it with a spice blend that includes Old Bay Spice as the major component along with dried fenugreek leaves and other spices. It will be tripled fried to get the “pomme-soufflĂ©” effect! We will then top it with a Caramel-Sriracha Sauce.

Oddly, we had a run on our 10 spice wing in the last couple of weeks…so this will be in the same vein but with the sauce which the ten spice does not have.

If we have time we will post a picture of it.

So back to the Caramel Wings…it was hard to MAKE and even though we sold out everytime, it wiped us out physically. So we may bring it back for those of you who haven’t had it yet. We just need a break. Sorry folks.

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