The site is up…bearly

Ok folks, this is a start of a very beautiful and strange friendship…the site is up but still in the works, as you can tell by it’s obvious incompleteness. But hey, it’s in true HS&P fashion…never ready but HEY LET’S GO FOR IT?  As the days and weeks go by you will be seeing much more so keep checking in.

What are we trying to do! It’s going to be a photo/food blog  because we have an EVIL camera and will be shooting these pictures in a very specific way.  AND don’t forget the ramblings of  “not quite centered group of individuals…yes, that includes you Megumi and Hiromi!

We will be posting updated menus in the next day and I will notify you on Twitter and Facebook.

You need to reset to

So enjoy, and keep the hate poop on the NO NO, ok!

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