The Brown Sugar and Ham Wangs! are back…but there is no ham.

This week we will be bring back an old favorite for the holidays…THE BROWN SUGAR AND HAM but there is no ham! Wangs. It will have an added twist of a speckle of cream cheese over the wings. If we have time we will post photos. Remember folks, sugar burns so let it cool down before placing it in your mouths. Some yelper deducted stars because he was too impatient and of course blamed it on us…so we got fed up and struck it off the menu.

Remember, we are human and not a corporate feed lot/fast feeder even though our illustrious Supreme Court has deemed Corps as Fully human.

Our frier is still “tits up” (broken) and we are waiting for the parts. In order to meet the demand of wangs we will not be doing any sides which means no fries, sweet potato fries or onion rings. We will however will have Panko Fish and chips, so go figure. There will be rice and our pasta salad…which we LOVE!

The menu has been uploaded for your perusal.

So ENJOY and long live Christmas Fruitcake particularly Arizmendi Fruitcake!

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