This week…

The new wings for the week will be our Fried wings with gravy. A footnote, we have always wanted to do a gravy wing but never found the time. This wing is not your southern style chicken-n-gravy and it actually originated during our time living in the Philippines where going to Jollibees for breakfast was a norm and eating fried chicken and rice with a side of vinegar and gravy was oh-so-good. The gravy will be made from scratch and is actually a gravy we make for Moco Loco at home. Hopefully we will accompany the gravy wings with a side of cranberry sauce taking it to the level of the Swedish Meatball which this sauce is also used when we also make another favorite, the Nordic(Swedish) Balls at home. The wings will be prepared exactly like our now defunct Fried Half Chicken, (we had to take it off the menu because no one was willing to wait as it took 25 minutes to cook) but it is do-able with wings, the wait is not as long and it taste the same or even mo-better! Pictures to follow  on our post, time permitting.

Also, we have decided to make permanent the BBQ wings and calling it “Ryan’s BBQ Wings” after Ryan Sprinkle a “Righteous Dude” and friend. Kristal this wing is for you too. As we write this, there may be a little adjustment to the recipe as we are thinking of substituting fried onion rings instead of the caramelized ones, but we will see.

Our fryer is still “tits up” so there will not be sides this week. This will allow us to compensate for the demand with the other fryers we have. The sides will be rice and our pasta salad (which we love).

Also, please try to call ahead for large orders so that we can have it ready when you come in. Last Sunday was hell because of the 49er game. We had to close temporarily to process the orders on hand.  Remember, “early” CALLED IN ORDERS have PRIORITY over everything else. So please try to plan ahead.

We do not want to rush these wangs. Some of them are complicated to assemble/prepare and not something you just throw into the fryer and toss in sauce. The reason why it takes longer for us is because the wings are LARGE which means a  longer cooking time. Most other wing places use “party wings” which are significantly smaller and take less time to cook. One can process more orders and make more money because of the small wing size and yet they still come out dry and meatless and one wonders why.

This will be the last cooking week for us as we plan to close on Dec 24th thru Jan 1st.

And lets eat.

Photo Dec 13, 8 54 01 PM

Photo Dec 13, 9 19 54 PM

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