Superbowl Update for Sunday Feb 3…

Photo Jan 26, 6 26 46 AM

A quick look…

You can start ordering now until 6:30 pm Saturday February 2nd.

1. 24 wings for $25 (tax included)

2. You may order up to 2 sauces per 24 wings i.e. 12 wings for  each sauce

3. Sauces available:

KFC (korean fried chicken), Green, BBQ, Buffalo (Hot, Medium, Mild or Sweet Hot)

4. Orders must be placed no later than Saturday February 2nd 6:30pm

5. Call early to snag the best times! Reserve your quantity and time for pickup. You will be placed on a time scheduling sheet. Please allow for  us to be a little late…10 minutes for our little bumps

6. Later additions to your order will be treated as a new order and placed on the time sheet  accordingly

7. We will be closed to make your game orders and open only for pickups


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