New items for the week ending of Jun 10…

We have two new items:

1. Adobo Wings

2. Fried Chicken Dinner

So the Wings Adobo is back! It’s a recipe we learned when living in Manila during the Marcos Reign. It’s a little different as it has coconut milk to cut thru the vinegar.  Adobo to us can be too sour and fatty,  so by adding coconut to it does solve some problems for those who don’t know this dish.

Also, we will be introducing a Fried Chicken Dinner which will include one whole chicken cut into eight pieces in our style! Yes, not a southern or northern or even a San Tung style…because we create and we don’t copy! Unlike looking for a too crunchy coating we have opted for a softer crust you would get from a quick dip in flour and then a beaten egg. We  like it better because it is unexpected, unadorned, good and gets better at room temperature where you can really appreciate the complementary textures and flavors when it is placed atop our soba noodle salad. The issue we have about crunch is that it is subjective, one person’s crunch is another “can you make it more crunchy please!”.  So  we are doing it our way by just cooking this chicken the right way according to HS&P, so keep the hate poop on the no no, ok and just enjoy a little difference. Along with the chicken you will also get two to four sauces to spread on your chicken…we haven’t decided on the quantity of the dips yet, but they will be our own creations and may change from week to week. This will add more flavor to the Fried Chicken however, the sauces are not necessary.  Now, you will need to order these bad boys 24 hours ahead because it takes longer to cook these chickens along with the fixings. The Fried Chicken Dinner will be ready by this week so we will keep you posted via our blog.

Remember, these items may not be ready by Wednesday so give us some time for us to roll out this babies.


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