1/2 Fried Chicken IS HERE!



OK, it’s here and we decided that it will be half a chicken and you can order it on the same day but if possible please call in because this item takes awhile to cook and we want to give it some resting time before we serve it. So, call and reserve it. We will put you into the next available time slot as to when it will be ready and please come in on time.

It will be cut up into 4 pieces and will feed two people (the breast is BIG!). We decided not to adorn the flour/coating with herbs or spices as we felt that the accompanying sauces will speak for themselves. The chicken is fried. There will be four sauces of our own creation and will change from week to week…but some will remain as standards.

Photo by Hiromi Fujita

How do you eat it? You rip up the meat and dip it into the sauces. Each sauce has a different taste profile.

ENJOY! and keep the hate-yelp-poopie on the NO NO, OK! or we will have this guy come after you…


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