Another RANT!

OK, folks last week was an infuriating tough one. So many incidences that we must speak! These are the three that stand out among the many.

Incident No.1:  A group of guys come in and look at the menu. Apparently, one of them had been here… last year. “Hey, you don’t have the waffle special?”. We reply, “No”. Then, he says to his friend,”their prices have gone up, they use to be cheaper!”, Slams the menu on the table and tells everyone, “Let’s go, it’s not worth it!”. One of his friends speaks up and says, “No, I feel like a waffle and some wings.” He still wants to leave but the friend insists that he wants a waffle and wings. So, he tells him to order the KFC as it is the best, but he will not eat anything from here. The friend orders, they leave and come back in half hour.

The Belgium Waffle sells for 7.99 in most places in San Francisco and our price is 3.49 and you can have it with whip cream or butter or both and as much syrup as you like (we have Maple, Marionberry, Strawberry and Bacon…yes Bacon). Our wings are bigger, better and tastier.

Incident No.2: A women calls 6 times in 25 minutes! Asking questions that could have been answered by looking at our website…which by the way she was doing. After the fifth call, we refuse to take her order! The first call goes like this, after asking some questions about how to order and if we take phone orders and that when she places her order how long will it take. We reply that it will take about thirty minutes. She then says’ “I’ll call back”. This first conversation takes about 5 minutes, meanwhile the line is growing in front of us at the shop! The second call comes in, “Do you accept credit cards?” and some more questions about the wings. Another 5 minutes. The third call and more questions. The forth call, she places the order and 15 minutes have gone by…she ask when should she come in and we give her the time which was 30 minutes from the time she placed the order on the forth call. She says, “Wait, this is 45 minutes!”, we reply,”No, it’s 30 minutes from the time you ordered”. She says, “But, I called you at 6:30 and now you tell me it will be ready at 7:15″, we reply, “That was the first time you called us but you did not place your order”. So, she thought by calling us the first time that she had placed the order without placing the order and it should have been ready by 7!

It’s a RUMSFELDism, get it…T]here are known knowns; there are things we know that we know.There are known unknowns; that is to say there are things that, we now know we don’t know.But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know, we don’t know…and your order will be ready starting from the first time you called without placing the order!

Anyway, she comes in thinking her order was processed. It wasn’t. We told her we weren’t doing it. By the way, she had a camera in her hand and her last words were, “The pen is mightier than the sword and I will tell everyone about this and to stay away from this place…” GOOD MORE FOOD FOR THE REST OF US!

Incident No.3:

We don’t think this happen! Apparently, we have been targeted by a group of individuals who have posted other one star reviews, which did happen…we must admit. But this one, we are not too sure about but it seems that they want to support each other at our expense. Be advise “WHEN IT IS DEEMED NECESSARY WE WILL STOP THE PRODUCTION OF FOOD.”

The other reviews are listed below and they are all friends…




Priscilla T’s and…doodle I’s





And how shall we reply? It will be above their intellectual pay grade but here goes, “Such inordinate and low desires, Such poor, such bare, such lewd, such mean attempts, Such barren pleasures, rude society, As thou art match’d withal, and grafted to!” Taken for: Henry IV. Shakespeare, folks.

But, we have a better quotation, “Go anally impale yourselves!”. Oh wait, you might enjoy it, oh go for it anyway, it’s ok. ENJOY!

The next post will be the new menu and items for this week.

Thanks everyone.


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