The new items

The new items this week are:

1. The new sauces:

A. ORANGE CHILI SAUCE which has sake, oranges (of course), sweet chili sauce, shallots, garlic and ginger.

B. PONZU SAUCE is a soy and citrus dipping sauce of japanese origin. It’s composition is mirin, soy sauce, chili flakes and lemon .

C. THAI CURRY SAUCE which is coconut based and includes lemongrass, basil, fish sauce, sugar, ginger and our curry blend. It’s a great accompaniment to the Crisp Chicken Cutlet and our Fried Chicken.

ALL these sauces will accompany the Fried Chicken or our Chikin-katsu (Crisp Chicken Cutlet).

Now, we have CHIKIN-KATSU or CRISP CHICKEN CUTLET. This is our boneless chicken breast which is panko-coated. That’s all it needs and after testing it we think you will love it. We hope to evolve this into a sandwich later but in the meantime it is what it is.

We also have decided to make Friday and Saturday FREE WAFFLE DAYS for this week only.



It’s simple.

1. You must be a SpotOn Member or Sign Up by either getting a card or upload the App from SpotOn.

2. Swipe your card or smartphone and get a spot!

3. Purchase a 5 or 8 piece wing order.

4. Get a free waffle…one free waffle per card/smartphone.



We will make a lot of waffle batter but when it runs out it runs out and we will make no more and serve no more. This is our gift to the 4th.

Hopefully, all the sauces will be ready but some may not be available until later.

The NEW MENU has been posted.

Also, please take note of the new hours. We will close at 6pm with a last call of 5:45pm, so place your orders early. These hours will be in-effect until the one returns in about a month.

Sorry for the irregularity of our times and days not being open. This has been a strange month for us and we apologize that you were included in the tumult. Just remember that we are above all organolepic and not ruled by the all-mighty dollar (but it does help!).

We will be closed on Wednesday the 4th of July.

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