New item and what’s up with these open times…

Hi Folks,

1. Chicken Club
2. The times…it’s temporary
3. FYI, Thursday we will close at 5pm.
This will be the umpteenth time we will be getting a sandwich on the menu. Why so many problems? It’s because of space and a different set of procedures. We do fried wings and sandwiches are an ancillary item but everyone wants a fried chicken sandwich and we have TRIED to accommodate and it has cost us with bad yelp-poop reviews, one of them wrote…

So it takes square footage to store the components that comprises a sandwich, the bun, veggies, mayo and other condiments, let alone a slicer and panini grill and these are not part of our wing production. Our cooking area is less then 50 square feet and we have maxed it out. Any new items we like to introduce on the menu requires us to look for space and what we can “bump off”. Remember, we need to keep most items “at temp” which means either below 40 degrees or above 140 degrees so that you will not get sick. Bacteria multiplies exponentially between 40 to 140 degrees. As to the procedures, it’s all about assembly and wrapping it up, then slicing it and re-wrapping again. All this while orders for wings are being processed.

Enough said, so the Chicken Club Sandwich is our solution and it will be the only sandwich available. Assembly is required by you because it’s our chicken breast from our 2 pc and 1/2 chicken which has bone. It’s moist and crispy as opposed to the katsu which was too crispy and a little on the dry side. It comes with two thick pieces of hickory-smoked bacon, romaine, sliced tomato and sweet onion. The roll will not be toasted…yet. But it is has a soft texture and sweet crumb…it’s a good bun. We have decided to use Japanese Mayo (Kewpie) which we love and our house mustard (optional). By the way, if you want us to put another sauce on the sandwich like KFC or Gringo Bandito… you get the point, we will accommodate.
The Club will be available all week! Yes, ALL WEEK so lay off! It’s a unique sandwich because you will have to assemble this baby yourselves by tearing the flesh off the bone and putting it on the bun, close it and EAT! You have control with this ‘wich.
Now, we were going to introduce new wings but decided to focus on the sandwich for now…until we get it right. What were the wings…Aji Limo Rojo Toragashi and a Miso-Hoisin-Sake-Chile wangs, hopefully this will be next week.
So, enjoy.

SO, what’s up with these new hours and times. You are only open 4 days a week and only 6 hours only. Except for Thursday when we will close at 5pm. THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY and will last thru to next week. After which we will go back to normal.


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