New stuff…for this week ending Sun 22nd


So this will be the last week we will have a shorten week. Next week we will be going back to abby-normal! Arrrgh, kinda-got-use-to-it.

Now what does that mean…we’re back to opening five days 11:30am to 7:30pm (Last call at 7pm) and Sundays we closed at 6pm… yes five days a week from Wednesday thru Sunday. Why? Because we need more rest and we like to enjoy what we make and there’s only two of us.

For those of you who think, well move…sounds like a Non sequitur and it is because it has been bothering us…you say there’s a lot of empty spaces on Clement and get a bigger place!  Peoples, there are city codes in place that are not restaurant friendly and you are looking at $5000 to $10,000 month rents along with getting up to those codes and approvals…are you willing to pay more for your food? Especially when a store is bordering Geary. Clement is all about price. It ain’t happening. Bigger does not mean better and by the way, enjoy us for the way we are…yes we take time to make your food and it will remain that way because we WANT TO BE DIFFERENT and if you can’t wait don’t order in the first place!

Remaining small allows us to be flexible and creative to produce what we like and hope you like it too. Mini rant is over.

Now, what’s new…

It’s called Aji Limo Rojo Tōgarashi Wings (唐辛子?). It’s our spice blend and is in the same vain as our green wings. It’s not coated and it’s almost dry. We will be putting in minced lemongrass, garlic, ginger, a little raw sugar(not too much), cinnamon, Aji Limo Rojo and other spices that makes a Togarashi. It’s slightly spicy. Aji Limo Rojo is a hot chile with a sweet, bright pungency, and it’s from the same family as the habanero.

We have also renamed the Chicken Club Sandwich to Chicken Club Deconstructed!

Why “Deconstructed”?   It means that the individual parts of a commonly-accepted whole: a sandwich and how these parts i.e. bun, chicken, veggies(no lettuce) and dressing interact with each other outside of that whole. So you are presented with these parts for you to assemble! Yo Yo Ma…we have a sandwich on the menu without impacting the workflow. It’s a good + “delish”+ basic sandwich.

Hopefully, the Aji Limo Rojo will debut on Thursday but most probably on Friday.

We also may be opening later than usual on Thursday but we will let you know on the blog. The online menu may not have been updated at the time of this post, so give us some time for the update.  SHE’S BACK!

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