New Item for the week ending Aug 19th!



We have always wanted to introduce this wing into the menu but never quite got around to it. We learnt how to make them from a mother of a very close friend in the eighties when we were spending a lot of time in Los Angeles. Everybody was “kung-fu” fighting in the movies and we were part of it…or our friends were. Los AngelesĀ  was to us filled with eats of Persian and Korean dishes. (How we miss the Persian).

So its a flavorful wing, with a lot of ingredients such as roasted seaweed, shredded dry chili peppers, Meyer lemon (Thanks Stanley, and we forgot to put it as part of the ingredient list on our menu), soy and oyster sauce, sweet sake and sesame oil with lots of garlic and ginger. The sweetness comes from Blue Agave since we never wanted to use corn syrup (used by most asian restaurants as the goto sweetener) or white sugar. The final ingredient are dried chili leaves…yes the red chiles you see in the market are from plants that have leaves! OMG! So, we use them to impart a smoky tea flavor.

We also decided to make the Soy Dijon Blue Cheese and Red Rooster permanent for now. In restaurant terms it’s called creep (NO, not the kid who is dating your daughter), it’s items that add it the menu until it looks like a “Chinese Take-Out” menu with a 1000 items all tasting the same!


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