New items for this week ending Aug 26.

We are moving in a different direction with the types of wings we will present in the future. We think we probably reached the limits of the similar taste profiles of the asian-centric “wangs” we have on our menu. There is only so much one can do with soy, miso etc pantry and we are getting flashbacks to “The Godfather:PartII” when Kay Corleone yells at Michael “this Sicilian thing”, anyway we digress, and yes the Godfather is Italian but this asian thing has to end! So where do we go from here as we had to yank out the Spicy Sweet wings as it was very close to our Bulgogi…sorry folks but it had to be done.
We have a new dry rub wing that is in the same line as our Green Wings. It’s not coated and is completely different in that it will come with a choice of dipping sauces of which you can only choose one per 5 wing order or two per 8 wings. Yes, dipping sauces as WE WILL NOT MIX THE DIP SAUCE INTO THE WINGS. The reason for this is that you will get a different taste sense or not. There will be three sauces: Remoulade, Honey Mustard and BBQ. The dry rub works well with these dips and we hope you think so too, plus we get to put in a western twist on the menu so that it isn’t so Asian.
***The menu will be updated with the new items in the next day as we are deciding what to let go.***

Don’t even try to steal a parking space…

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