New Items for this week ending Sep.2nd or it’s “Bishop’s Nose” week (PS. that’s what they call the part of the chicken’s ass)

and you go girl Monsignor!

This week it’s all about rubs again.

1. We have developed a “tea rub” for the wing. It will be partially fried then grilled to finish. It will not be coated except by the tea. The rub will comprised of chilies mixed with dried tea leaves. As of this posting, we are leaning towards lapsang souchong for it’s smokiness. If it is liked by you we will permanently place it on the menu.

2. The dry rubbed wings will get another dipping sauce, which will be a mango salsa and when we run out we will not make more.
This wing had missed a step in preparation last week because we had an equipment failure, so this week it will be prepared as it should giving it a deeper flavored wing.

The new menu is posted on the site. Also, we may be closed on Sunday before Labor Day but haven’t decided yet.

Hey, evil gotta rest and after making comments on our San Francisco Bishop to-be…we don’t think heaven will be waiting. By the way, we were roman catholics, trice removed, in fact we were educated by both nuns and brothers (brothers being of the jesuit order…now we are buddhist of the theravada tradition). Another form of hell but not as bad as Zen…japanese style…or when PBS goes on pledge week…arrggh.

So enjoy!

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