New items and other problems…


Sorry we had to close today as our fryers went “tits up”! We started experiencing problems last weekend but when we reset the machines and they came back on line. Little did we know that the problem would resurface today. These machines are high-tech and depend on electronics for brains. When the electronics fail, everything STOPS! Which¬† is what occurred today. We are waiting for the technicians to come in and they haven’t schedule a time yet…arrgh!

Opening on Thursday may look iffy so keep checking in to our website for updates.

We are also getting another fryer to keep up with the demand and again we are waiting for our electrician to let us know if we have enough “electrical juice” to install it.

As you have observed we have not posted on a regular basis for the last two weeks as we had to deal with a lot of issues at the store. For one thing, we overdid it again with too many items on the menu. It hurt us physically. So, we had a choice, either cut back or die of total self destruction. We chose cutting back but we still wanted to introduce new items weekly. We have remove some items from the menu to compensate for the additions.

This week (if we ever open!) we will have:
1. Spicy Szechwan-Style Wings-these wings are spicy- hot and sweet. We fry, then grill it so you will see some char on the skin. It is our humble opinion that charring is where the flavor is. Anyway we digress, these wings are really spicy in the Szechuan tradition so beware! as it has a punch. We also top it with our red chili/garlic mix and if you don’t want the mix for additional heat, let us know not to include it.

2. **COMING SOON** Donburi or “Wings On Top of Rice”. Our customers have been requesting rice to go with the wings and we have been working on it. We tried several of the wings on rice and they worked! We were very pleased with the Bulgogi and Red Rooster. So there has to be equipment installed for the rice and it is in the works. The items will come with a green salad in the “rice bowl”.


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