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Most WordPress themes try to do everything for everyone. With Plate, that’s not so. In fact, this theme could not get more focused.

Plate is simple.  You can install it, spend about 5 minutes customizing it, and then get to work writing your next blog post.

See for yourself – it’s seriously easy.

The Plate WordPress theme is a handsome theme built for writers and blogging enthusiasts who are looking for a beautifully simple platform to grow their web audience. With its clean, purposeful design and headlining speed, Plate is the perfect theme for your blog.

So what does Plate come with?

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Because, as a theme, Plate focuses on what makes your blog run – specifically, run great. There are no “must-have” plugins required and setup is as easy as pie, I made a video guide to showcase that.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Are you still reading this? Good deal. If you want to buy Plate, get it before the launch sale ends. Did you know that you can easily add a nice light-box gallery to your posts too – simply by creating a standard WordPress gallery?

Yea it’s really actually that easy. Here’s a quick demo:

Get Plate today.

You heard it right. Throw some fresh paint on your aging blog, or finally get your blog started. Either way, if you’re looking for pure awesomeness, you can’t go wrong with Plate

Click the button below if you’re wanting to start your new blog today. Oh, and if you need great WordPress hosting, use Pagely or FlyWheel.



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